Perhaps it is a little ironic that a woman who is so determined to remain rooted in the ways of the past would create a blog; but here I am giving technology a go.

I begin on the premise that there are those of you out there who, like me, bask in the simplicity of a life not founded on the complexities of the modern world but rather on a basic design only found in eras past.

I grew up the youngest daughter of parents who clung fiercely to the German traditions of their ancestors while at the same time embodying the survival by hard work instinct which filled the veins of all settlers in America.

From an early age I was taught to hunt, fish, cook, preserve garden and meat stuffs in glass jars, sew, cut wood, build a fire, fix anything in a pinch,  and basically store all of the knowledge necessary to survive on my own in the absence of modern conveniences.

In this blog I will share with all of you a glimpse into my world through tales of my hunts, my fishing adventures, recipes handed down to me, my own German wisdom, and of course anecdotes on what it is like to be a goat herder.

My life is an open book and one in which I hope all of you can read with relish and perhaps glean new ideas from. It is my hope that at least one person who reads this blog will be inspired to embrace new things, to go out into the field and taste the flavors of the wild earth and find a part of themselves he/she never knew existed.

We are on this earth to learn and grow from each other and may this publication be a place where you can find new roots, new ways to grow, and eyes to see beyond your former horizons. Are you ready? I guess I am too!